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Website copy: how important is it?

When the internet burst onto our computers all those years ago, so came along with it search engines, websites, and yep…website copy. It’s now our go-to for information, clarification, entertainment, education, everything! What you’re reading right now is classed as website copy, so let’s dive into why your online copy is so damn important.

What is website copywriting?

Essentially, website copywriting (or web writing) involves digital copy written purposely for web pages. It can often be associated with marketing, linking to other digital content such as social media posts, marketing emails or online ads.

Does it have magical copy powers?

Well, it’s not a Harry Potter spell! But you can craft it into whatever you want. Website copy is influenced by your business: its purpose, branding, audience etc. Ultimately, your chosen words should grab your visitor’s attention, so they stay and explore your site.

The copy on your web pages should tell your audience who you are (About Us page) and what you do (Service or Product pages). It must promote you in the best way possible, encouraging visitors to take action in some way (buy now, click here, sign up etc.).

Which web pages need copy?

The usual suspects include:

  • Your home page

  • About Us

  • Product pages

  • Sales pages

  • Services pages

  • Blogs

But it can also extend to FAQs, Case Studies, Portfolios, Contact Us and lots more.

Does website copy help with SEO?

Absolutely! That’s the juicy part of website copy. It’s possibly a contributing factor to why SEO has become such a thing too! Just in case you’re not sure, SEO refers to Search Engine Optimisation. It’s when Google searches your content to match keywords which are being typed into their search engine. If your content includes those keywords – bingo! Google will see you as a person of authority within your industry and direct online traffic to you.

There are lots of ways you can implement SEO into your website copy, including:

  • Headers

  • Sub-headers

  • Call to actions

  • Hyperlinks

But don’t go crazy. Google isn’t stupid and will know if you’re adding in words for the sake of it. Who would do such a thing…copywriter, local copywriter and Northampton copywriter?

Your copy reflects you!

The words on your website really are important. They reflect you, your values and overall mission. But you can also have a lot of fun with them! Audience’s prefer businesses who speak their language. Who don’t bluff them with jargon, relate to their problems and solve them.

Alongside pics and videos, your website copy is the best way to promote yourself! Show-off your services and highlight your products’ USPs. If you waffle or don’t explain exactly why potential customers should buy from you, then they’ll get frustrated and move on. Brutal, but true.

How do I write website copy?

There are a lot of great website copy templates and structures out there which you can base your copy on. But for a lot of businesses, it’s having the time to commit to the copy that’s the issue. By using a copywriter (like me), we can provide you with our expert website copywriting services. We’ll get to know you and your business, and tailor copy to suit your brand, tone of voice and desired result. Whether that’s increased traffic, higher conversion rates or getting onto the first page of Google!

If you want to find out more, let’s chat.


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