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How to Write an Epic About Us Page for Your Website

Humans are nosey.

Consider how much time we spend stalking a celebrity…then their partner…then their cousin…then the restaurant they ate at last get the idea!

We’re social creatures and like to find commonalities with others so we can bond and be like, you know, best buds!

This is how people approach your About Us page; they want to know who you are, how you’ve mastered your trade and ultimately, will you get on.

Now, the bulk of your website copy is (or should be) tailored towards your audience: highlighting how you can help them and transform their lives by buying into your brand, product or service. With your About Me page, you can be a little more self-centred. But not too much, customers aren’t going to stick around whilst you inflate your ego.

But they will keep scrolling for genuine honesty which they can relate to and empathise with. Again, finding that connection!

With the About Us page being one of the most popular web pages, generating the highest number of views, it’s important to get your message spot on straight away.

What is an About Us page?

Well, as it states, it’s a dedicated web page which talks about you. It shares with your audience the face behind the business. Offering a bit more information about where your business idea stemmed from, your experiences and some personal info too.

What to include within your About Us page

Although you want your About Us web page to be a natural reflection of yourself, there are some core elements to make you shine super bright:

1. A unique headline

Don’t worry too much about SEO here. This main headline should instantly showcase your tone of voice, personality and brand. Ultimately drawing your potential customer in and making them want to continue reading. Try some of these About Us headline ideas:

  • Come on in

  • Behind the curtain

  • Kick off your shoes

  • Something about us

  • Oh, hi there!

  • We’re so happy you found us

2. Showcase your USP

This is the time to zone in on some SEO! No other company does what you do, the way you do and as epic as you do - so shout about it! But in this section, it’s important to keep your customer in mind. Yes, you can refer to your own experience which provided you with this lightbulb moment, but focus on your reasoning for sharing your solution/product/service with others.

3. Share your goals

If you’re a large corporation, you may have several values and corporate social responsibilities (CSR) which you'll want to talk about, and so you should! If this is the case, you might prefer to award them their own dedicated landing page where you can dive into more detail. But if you have a top-line mission statement and values, you can share your theory behind them on your About Us page. More importantly, how you intend to implement them throughout your business. This is a biggie, as your values could make or break whether someone buys from you, endorses you or would even want to work for you.

4. Chat with your client base

For companies who have a specific niche or target audience, again, your About You page is a great place to highlight it. In addition, you can talk about how your product or service benefits your demographic and why you choose to focus on this particular group. Get this right, and you can spark a sense of community which creates an extremely effective marketing strategy!

5. Retell your story

Whether you have relevant experience in your industry or not, it doesn’t matter. People love an underdog and the dedication they have to prove themselves, as much as we trust and respect someone in their specialised field. Decide who you are and own it.

What I love about this section is you can present it in so many fun ways! From videos or animations to timelines or infographics. Find a style which reflects your branding and retell your story in your own unique way.

Copy tip: Imagine you're chatting to a friend and telling them about your idea. The way you describe it will be more natural and honest, without any unnecessary jargon! Use that to inspire your About Us wording.

6. Concise yet catchy copy

Your About Us page content should mirror the rest of your website in terms of your tone of voice, layout and paragraph lengths. As much as you might want to include every major milestone since you learnt how to use a spoon, it’s not all relevant. Stick with the essentials and weave in the characters and events which led you on the path to where you are today. Don’t forget to add internal hyperlinks too for particular services or products you’re referencing.

7. Personalise your photos

If you look at your social posts, I bet the ones which show your face, your family, your pets or a sneak peek into your home life get the most likes and attention. That’s because we love to see you. It makes us feel like we’re a part of your journey and the community you’re creating. This is the same with your About Us page, so make sure you include pictures that show you! Pick high-resolution images and remember to include SEO-enriched alt text, Google will love you for it!

8. Talk up your team

Again, if you’re a large corporation or simply want to give your team the attention they deserve, then you can build your own ‘Meet the Team’ landing page (another web page known for hitting high page visits). Alternatively, you can include pictures and a short caption for each of your team members. They play a big part in your success, so get them involved and let them write their own bio. Who knows, you might discover something about them you didn’t know before.

Finding Your About Us Page

So, you’ve created your top-notch About Us page with a personalised header, friendly copy and pics of your smiley face. But how will your users find you? The obvious spot is in the top anchor of your website. However, you can also include a link within a drop-down burger menu and/or your website footer. You can also include an internal link from another page of your website such as your home page or blog content.

Why do I need an About Us Page?

Before I answer this, let me throw a question back at you. When you land on a website do you look for an ‘About Us’ page? If there isn’t one available, how do you feel? Personally, I don’t like it. As I said at the beginning of this blog, we're all nosey! But I also want to know who you are as a business and what you want to achieve.

Your About Us page is essentially another hook. Done right, your audience buys into your brand and your values. More than this, they relate to your mission and want to be a part of something special.

Struggling with self-reflection?

Writing about yourself is one thing. But selling your awesomeness is something quite unnatural to many of us, especially us Brits! It’s incredibly hard to boast about your achievements and dreams without sounding arrogant. I get it.

First of all, don’t put yourself down so much. You’re an incredible human being and should be proud of how far you’ve come in business and life! Second, if you find this experience uncomfortable, ask someone to write on your behalf. This could be someone you know and trust or a professional copywriter (hello!).

Copywriters love to hear about your journey and the passion behind your brand. We’ll ask the right questions to understand your vision, turning your words into written content - perfect for an epic About Us page. To learn more, get in touch.


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