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Creating compelling content & stories for local businesses.

Choose a topic & view some examples of my work.

Website Copy

The Italian Shop.png

Sharing Katia's voice and passion for Italian delicacies with Northampton.


Transforming 'lorem ipsum' into personalised, targeted copy.

Property Development - full website copy

Image by Domenico Loia

Creating service and landing pages for a Northampton IT company.

Image by AJ Robbie

Showcasing Becky's unique voice and passion for all things travel.

Image by Justin Aikin

Producing a Christmas wine hub for corporate, hamper and premium gift ideas.


Image by Josefin

Inspirational blog content about the best 5 conservatory wedding venues in the UK.

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Fundraising Case Study

The Lewis Foundation

Case study to illustrate the benefits of business and charity partnerships.

Image by Maria Victoria Portelles

Monthly blog content for inspirational, educational and trending turf topics.

Image by Le Buzz Studio

Supporting a fellow freelancer and entrepreneurs with pivotal content for web design. 

Image by freestocks

Seasonal content filled with fun ways to creatively gift wrap wine bottles.

Image by Brooke Cagle

Monthly blogs to build content and awareness to eve's services and cause. 

Travel Content

Image by Aleksandra Dementeva

A detailed guide into the beauty and specifics of New Zealand vineyards.

Image by Jakob Owens

A 10-day, one-week, or two-week itinerary to experience the best of Thailand.

Image by 66 north

Sharing the magic of Finland for the ultimate festive getaway.

Image by Tijs van Leur

Festival Essentials

Inspirational content - Argo

The essential product checklist for first-time and seasonal festival goers. 

Image by Marissa Grootes

Holiday Checklist

Inspirational - Argos

Ideas and essential holiday kit for the ultimate UK staycation.

Image by Florian van Duyn

A travel story to share my first day in beautiful Budapest.

For the animal lovers

Image by Danilo Batista

Pet Bed Guide


If they fit, they sit! A helpful guide to finding the right type of pet bed.

Image by Liam Riby

Bird Friendly Gardens


Inspirational ideas to spruce up your garden and encourage more wildlife.

Image by Peri Stojnic

Dog Grooming


Useful buying guide to help customers find and purchase the right grooming tools. 

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