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What is a Content Writer?

As AI rapidly infiltrates our lives, content writers all over the world are being asked the same question, “Does that mean you’re out of a job?”.

Absolutely not.

Yes, AI writing software has its place within every industry and is a topic which needs to be documented in another blog (coming soon). But content writers are still an essential and valuable resource for any business.

So, I wanted to dedicate some time to talk about our craft: who we are, what content writers actually do, and why you still need us!

Content writer: a writer's definition

This particular chapter of writers specialises in long forms of copy. We’re skilled in taking a specific topic and generating enough copy to effectively dive into more detail for the intended audience. Often written with the purpose of educating, entertaining or inspiring their readers. These days, content writers predominately create online copy, but it can extend to traditional printed mediums such as brochures or magazine articles.

What makes a good content writer?

Writing is a talent. One which needs to be practised every single day. But what business

owner has time for that? Thankfully, content writers,

who have practised their art, can save you time and stress by adapting their skills to your tone of voice, branding and copy.

Content writers should also be SEO experts. So, if they seem shady about this area, they’re not doing their job right! Researching keywords is an integral part of formatting copy; it steers your headline, structure and paragraph copy to help increase your rankings on Google.

They should be naturally nosey too; we love to absorb new information and will take the time to get to know you, your business and your industry. This’ll allow us to use the right jargon and understand your intended goals,

as well as link to relevant content on your website (which is also an SEO must!).

What type of content do they create?

A talented copywriter can turn their hand, or pen, to most forms of content. With the digital world taking over, we’ve had to develop our skillset to reflect the different requirements for social media or YouTube vs blog articles or press releases. Therefore, you’ll find web content writers, blog content writers and creative content writers, who focus on one area.

Some of the most popular and effective types of content we produce include:

  • Blog posts

  • Website copy

  • Buying guides

  • Product descriptions

  • Social media posts

  • Press releases

  • White papers

  • Email marketing

  • Newsletters

  • Videos

  • Brochures

  • Magazines

Content writer vs a copywriter

This question is asked a lot and with valid reason – it’s really not obvious unless you’re in the biz! As we said before, content writers are trained in creating long forms of copy with the aim of teaching, encouraging or engaging with a target audience. Although copywriters can create this form of content too, their focus is on creating the biggest impact with the smallest number of words. Writing impactful copy to grab customers’ attention and influence them to act, be it ‘buy now’, ‘sign up’ or ‘get involved’.

Content writer skills to look out for

You can develop the skills to become a fantastic content writer. But like any profession, there are certain traits which come naturally to the personality of an author. Think, do any of the attributes below reflect your content writers?

  • A solid understanding of language, grammar, spelling etc.

  • Thorough research skills and an inquisitive mind

  • Confident in writing lengthy copy

  • Creative imagination

  • A keen eye for detail when proofreading and editing

  • Experience and knowledge of optimising SEO keywords

  • Can adapt their writing to reflect different tones of voices

  • Takes the time to get to know you and your brand

  • Genuinely a friendly and approachable human being

How do they support my marketing strategy?

Content writers play a huge part in your content marketing – the clue is in the name! By building a library of content, such as FAQs, blog articles, videos and web page copy, you have an arsenal of useful topics you can repurpose or share with your customers. Directing them to relevant content that’ll answer their questions or persuade a purchase. Whether you use a freelance content writer or hire them as part of your marketing department, they’re an essential team member!

See big wins with our content writing services

Content writing is one of my favourite services! I love diving into a new topic and finding ways to retell information to a fresh audience. Whether it’s a one-off request or a content writing package such as blog articles, I offer different content writing services to suit you. To find out more, pop me a message.


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